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Wolfenoot Celebration Event!

At Lone Wolf Lounge

Friday, November 23rd, 2018



What is Wolfenoot you might ask? Honestly, it was new to us too!

Wolfenoot is the new “holiday” that just might save the planet. It’s a cute holiday invented by a young boy and shared to the world by his mother.

The holiday was born when Jax Goss posted about her seven-year-old son’s adorable idea to celebrate the “spirit of the wolf” and people who have dogs or have been kind to dogs. The “Spirit of the Wolf” hides small gifts around the house for anyone who has had dogs or been kind to dogs.

This year the pack at the Lone Wolf Lounge is holding a Wolfenoot Celebration, more details coming soon, but come raise a glass and have a howling good time and share the official greeting “Have a howly Wolfenoot!”

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