Corporate Sponsorships

You play a crucial role in supporting Friends of Oatland's mission to enhance the success of Oatland Island Wildlife Center's animal care programs and local education initiatives through your donations.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center is a premier family destination in the Low Country.  Sponsorships allow companies to enhance their visibility and demonstrate their philanthropic and environmental commitments to target audiences in the local region.

Corporate partners allow Friends of Oatland and Oatland Island Wildlife Center to maintain unparalleled standards in animal care, visitor experience, and educational programming, through the opportunity to sponsor exhibits and annual on-site events such as the Fairy & Gnome Festival, Halloween Hike and Adult Lecture Series.


Oatland Island Audience and Reach

  • Overall, we engage over almost 100,000 visitors each year 

  • Our grand reopening ceremony in January 2019 attracted over 4,000 people in a single day

  • Our annual Halloween Hike draws in over 4,000 trick-or-treaters and their families 

  • Our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reach is almost 20,000 people 

  • We reach over 28,000 school students each year 

Did You Know

  • In 2018, OIWC was hit by a tornado that damaged all but one animal enclosure and brought down hundreds of trees.

  • OIWC celebrated its 45th anniversary that same year. 

  • We are the home of over 150 animals from 50 different species on over 175 acres.

  • Our facilities can be rented for private parties and weddings.

  • Oatland Island Wildlife Center is a popular location for the film industry and the number of high-profile TV and movie productions that have utilized the buildings and grounds for projects has been increasing over the past few years. 

What’s New

  • In 2019 we launched several new events including a Membership Appreciation Day, a holiday event that will take families back in time and a Lecture Series focusing on exciting topics relative to the nature around us 

  • We’ve streamlined our marketing and membership efforts and will be able to leverage our data for target marketing and to provide ROI metrics to our sponsors. 

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