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Before and After Slideshow of Oatland Island

As the assessment of damage to Oatland Island Wildlife Center continues, we are starting to get a glimpse of the destruction that the EF1 tornado caused on July 27th.

Oatland Island will continue to be closed until further notice until they can clear away the debris and start the rebuilding process of the animals enclosures and the trails along the grounds.

It is utterly heartbreaking to see the place that has brought such fond memories to young and old alike in such disarray. We have compiled a short slideshow of before and after pictures of you to see just an impression on what this tornado did in just a few minutes.

FOO will keep you updated through our website and social media if they are in need of any physical donations or volunteer opportunities when they are requested. In the meantime, Friends of Oatland Island will continue to accept donations via Pay Pal (click here!), through Facebook Giving and at our P.O. Box, on Oatland's behalf to put towards the relief efforts of the property and the animals to help them get back on their paws.

Please keep your eye out for many fundraisers throughout the upcoming months within the community to help support our #PawsandClawsUnited Fund.

As always, we cannot thank you enough for your love and support of the staff and animals at Oatland Island!

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