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The "Name the Cubs" Fundraiser Results Are In!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Two adorable cougar cubs have been pouncing, bounding, and lounging around Cougar Crossing for the last couple weeks, winning our hearts as "Baby Girl" and "Baby Boy". As of today, we are excited to let you know they have official names! Drumroll, please...

The female cub received the name “Olympia”, in honor of the beautiful capital city of Washington. The male cub has now been named "Rainier" in honor of Mount Rainier, the highest mountain in the Cascade Range. The waters of Puget Sound may be a bit different than Olympia's new home on the marsh, and we certainly can't promise any glaciers for Rainier, but they are settling in wonderfully!

Olympia and Rainier were born in the fall of 2021 and arrived safely at Oatland on December 16, 2021. Three months after their arrival, we are happy to properly introduce you to Olympia and Rainier!

Thank you to all of our generous donors for participating in the "Name the Cougar Cubs" fundraiser! We received more than 250 name submissions and had a blast looking through all of your wonderful ideas. Your financial contribution is critical to FOO’s continued success in supporting Oatland’s mission to provide guests with memorable experiences to help them make stronger connections to the natural world. ❤️🐾

Olympia and Rainier are receiving visitors at the Cougar Crossing exhibit and can't wait to meet you!

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