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Tornado Fundraising for Oatland Island Wildlife Center

During the afternoon hours of July 27th, a tornado hit the islands of Oatland and Whitemarsh with no warning. There were staff and visitors on the ground of Oatland Island Wildlife Center at the time and all made it back to the Welcome Center safely.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center will be closed until further notice due to the damage they sustained during the storm.

Currently, Friends of Oatland Island will be accepting donations via Pay Pal (click here!) on Oatland's behalf to put towards the relief efforts of the property and the animals. We are the Official fundraisers for the wildlife center and 100% of donations will be given directly to Oatland Island.

We will keep you updated if they need any physical donations, but they are not needed as of right now and we will let you know how they are doing on the process of clean up.

Thank you for your love and support of the staff and animals at Oatland Island!

Photo Courtesy of WTOC

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