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Tree Recycling and Animal Enrichment Opportunity

You went to the tree lot, searched for the perfect tree for your home this Holiday Season, you've cherished it for a month, lovingly decorated it and placed presents around it. But now it's the new year and it's eviction time for your beloved tree. Usually you'd toss it out at the curb and let it sit there, wilting, till the trash man comes to eventually take it away.

But there's a way to have the gift that keeps on giving and that is by taking your tree (minus ALL decorations and tinsel) to the animals at Oatland Island.

Animal Enrichment is so very important for the mental and physical health of the animals that call Oatland home and they LOVE trees. Wether it's our bison tossing it around, Shanti pouncing on one or some of our wolves playing tug o' war with them, your old tree will get a new, short, lease on life, all while giving joy to the animals we know and love.

If you would like to donate your old tree to Oatland Island, please bring it through the admissions booth at any time and the staff will help take it off your hands.

Click on the picture below to see a video of Lakota and Sioux having a field day with their donated trees.

Animal Enrichment at Oatland Island

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