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This weekend marked the passing of one of Oatland's most endearing personalities - our Gray Wolf "Willow". As the matriarch, "Willow" led the wolf pack with a gentle but firm hand. Even as the effects of aging began to show, her three boys treated her with the utmost respect and rarely challenged her authority. Just three weeks shy of her 16th birthday, we discovered that "Willow" had cancer. Due to her advanced age and a grave prognosis, "Willow" was humanely euthanized. She was very dear to everyone at Oatland- visitors and staff alike.

We will miss her greatly.

Lesley Lesley Mailler DVM Veterinarian/ Supervisor of Animal Programs Oatland Island Wildlife Center

Please share your memories and photos of Willow and the other wolves on Instagram using hashtag #OatlandWillow You can follow us on Instagram @oatlandisland

Willow Beloved Wolf at Oatland Island Wildlife Center

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