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Oatland Island Toddler Tuesday is Back! [Virtual Edition]

Oatland Island Wildlife Center naturalist Michelle Kelly is bringing Toddler Tuesday to you!

Toddler Tuesday is an action packed program designed for toddlers 1 to 4 years and their adults. This is a time for adults to bond with their toddlers while engaging in hands-on activities that promote development and acquiring age appropriate skills. Activities may include reading story books, singing songs and up close encounters with Oatland’s animal ambassadors.

As beloved Ms. Seashell says on her Toddler Tuesday blog "If you haven’t already, follow the blog because we will continue to record more classes until we resume programs in person again. Hang in there. We will get together soon!  I sure miss you all!"

Toddler Tuesdays at Oatland Island with Michelle Kelly

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