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Bobcats & Buffalo Fur

Enrichment Saturdays at Oatland Island

By Amy Capello, Board Member & Membership Committee Chair


We are so excited to be offering a new members-only program at Oatland Island - “Enrichment Saturdays”.

The Animal Care Staff at Oatland Island spend a lot of time making sure that our animals are well cared for, happy, and healthy. This includes making sure that their psychological needs are met as well through enrichment. To help keep their minds active and stimulated, Animal Care Staff will create all sorts of activities for the animals - engaging their senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound.

For our first Enrichment Saturday, we offered a program with the three resident bobcats. Our Senior Animal Care technician, Amanda, created an amazing & interactive program for participants age 2 to adult. Everyone received bags to place all kinds of goodies in - buffalo fur, snake skin, food treats, etc. After bags were individually decorated and filled to the brim with goodies to engage all the senses, participants walked their enrichment down to the bobcat enclosure. Treat bags were placed all over the enclosure - behind bushes, under trees, near toys, and right at the front window as well! The bobcats all have different personalities - one came rushing out to investigate a bag right away, while the others waited a little while to come discover their goodies.

Mark Your Calendar

Registration for Fall Enrichment Saturday dates will open on September 1st.

🐾 October 9th - Bobcat Enrichment

🐾 November 20th - Bison Enrichment

🐾 December 18th - Wolf Enrichment

An exclusive email will be sent to all current members on September 1st so make sure your membership is current and stay tuned!


Upcoming Events to Support FOO and Oatland

Yoga in the Wolf Cabin

Saturday, August 21st at 9:00am

Enjoy a one hour gentle yoga class led by certified yoga instructor,

Sue Finkle. You will leave feeling refreshed, reconnected, and relaxed.

Early Birding Walks

Monthly, Starting August 28th -- registration opening soon!

Join an Oatland staff member for a morning bird walk before the property is open to the public. With 100 acres to explore and many habitat types, Oatland has a diversity of birds that call it home. These early walks will focus on observation and identification.

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