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Families learn about old holiday traditions at Oatland Island

Mariah Congedo, WTOC News


Families came to Oatland Island Wildlife Center to enjoy the holidays while learning about Christmas traditions from the 1920s.

The ‘Days of Christmas Past’ was put together to teach kids about how Christmas was celebrated years ago. Some of the activities included making cards with a wax seal, visiting with Santa Claus and learning how to spin and weave. In one cabin, Sara Sawyer explained how some Christmas traditions are different today than they were decades ago.

“Christmas trees that you would take out of your own backyard would be something you’d traditionally find in Georgia," said Sawyer. "Usually, kids would only get one, maybe two, toys if they were lucky on Christmas, so teaching kids that it’s much different than it was back in the day.”

This is the first time the Friends of Oatland held this event, but they say they plan to do it again in the years to come.

To see the full video click the image below.

FOO Annual Fundraiser Event - Days of Christmas Past

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