Oatland Island Wolf Pack Turns 2!!!

On April 26th 2018, Oatland Island Wildlife Centers resident wolf pack celebrated their second birthday.

Satilla, Ogeechee, Oconee and Suwanee came to the center in May of 2016 after the wolves were an unexpected birth at The Wolf Creek Habitat near Cincinnati. Wolf Creek had a surplus of wolf pups and Oatland had an aging wolf pack so it was a natural fit.

Immediately they were adored by the Savannah community because, come on, Baby Wolves!!! Ever since then they have been a joy to watch grow up in front of our eyes. They are playful and inquisitive and it is wonderful to see new life at the wolf den.

For their second birthday they received cakes and presents from their keepers filled with all their favorite smells and things to nosh on. The staff and visitors in attendance watched as the pack investigated their treats and sang them Happy Birthday. The Fishie Cake was by far the favorite amongst them all.

A very Happy Birthday to Oatland's resident Wolf Pack and here's to many more celebrations!

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