Help Name the Newest Oatland Residents

Our cougar cubs, along with their two brothers, were born in the wild in September 2021 in Lake Chelan, WA. They were found orphaned the last week of October and although several attempts were made to reunite them with their mother, it was unsuccessful. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife rescued the cubs on October 27, 2021. The cubs were bottle fed as plans were made to find them permanent homes. Orphaned large cats that are raised from cubs are difficult, if not impossible to return to the wild, as they easily imprint on caretakers and cannot be taught the lessons that they need to survive on their own.


The Memphis Zoo happily accepted all four cubs on October 29th with plans of providing a lifelong home for two of the cubs and finding another forever home for the other two. Oatland was contacted in November and permits were filed quickly to receive two of the cubs. As soon as the permits were authorized, two of our staff drove to Memphis to meet all four cubs and the amazing team that had been taking care of them. We were given the only female of the bunch and one of her brothers. Our new additions arrived at Oatland on December 16, 2021. They arrived weighing around 10 pounds with blue eyes and spots on their coats.

While in quarantine (which is required of all new Oatland residents) they explored their surroundings and were very inquisitive of all staff and all new things. They loved to play with plushy toys and ropes and loved to climb on top of their crate and logs within their enclosure. Now two months later, their blue eyes are nearly gone, and their spots are fading. At last weight she was 24 pounds, and he was 26 pounds. Our animal care staff have come to know their personalities very well and describe the little lady as the leader. She is very confident, independent, inquisitive, and is very interested in her keepers -- always chattering and purring at them and trying to get them to play. The little man is much more reserved and shy. He takes his time in making decisions, loves to play with his sister, is the “hisser” and the “swatter” of the two, and is wary of any change or new thing. Everyone at Oatland is thrilled to have our first ever cougar cubs and we look forward to introducing them to our community!

Oatland staff are asking for YOUR help in naming these new babies!  Each submission allows you to submit a pair of names (one for each cub) for $5.00.  Have a lot of ideas?  Don't worry!  You can submit as many names as you'd like for just $5.00 a pair.

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Names will be announced the following Saturday, March 12th at the Spring Celebration Festival.