Join Oatland Island Wildlife Center naturalists Ms. Sea Shell and Mister E in this joint venture between Oatland Island Wildlife Center and Friends of Oatland as they introduce us to all of the resident animals who call the grounds of Oatland home!

Watch in real time on the Friends of Oatland Facebook page every Wednesday and Friday at 11:00am as the amazing Oatland Island Wildlife Center staff highlight our beloved animal friends and answer your questions during the broadcast. The videos will always be available here on our site so you can catch up any time.

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Introducing FOOVentures!

Episode 1: Wolves


Episode 2: Cougar

*The aspect of the video is fixed around the 2 minute mark

Episode 3: Bald Eagles


Episode 4: Snakes

Episode 5: Owls


Episode 6: Virginia Opossum

Episode 7: American Alligators


Episode 8: Rabbits

Episode 9: Armadillos


Episode 10: Bobcats

Episode 11: White Tailed Deer


Episode 12: Amphibians

Episode 13: Gopher Tortoise


Episode 14: American Bison

Episode 15: Insects


Episode 16: Holstein Cow

Episode 17: Hawks


Episode 18: Bees

Episode 19: Diamondback Terrapins


Episode 20: Fouling (Part 1)

Episode 20: Fouling (Part 2)


Episode 21: Black Vultures

Episode 22: Flying Squirrel


Episode 23: Ledbetter Pond

Episode 24: Georgia Barnyard