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Injured landfill eagle lands safely at Oatland Island

Found at a landfill in Savannah, Wassaw the bald eagle was a mess when she came to Oatland Island Wildlife Center in May. A broken wing had healed improperly. She couldn’t fly. And her former residence gave her a certain stench. “When she came in she smelled like a landfill,” Mailler said. “We cleaned her up with some wet towels and when she was in quarantine (for a month before display) we misted her.” One thing she wasn’t was skinny. Wassaw came to Oatland fat from feasting on people’s discards, presumably hopping from leftover to leftover. At 8.5 pounds she’s heftier than either the 6.5 pound Arnold or the 7-pound Francesca, the resident eagles she’s joined in the existing aviary. “She’s

Big cats, wolves beat the Savannah heat with a little help

It's the fur coats. They don’t come off here, no matter how high the mercury. So for wolves, cougars and bobcats to stay cool when Savannah swelters, keepers at Oatland Island Wildlife Center have to get creative. For Shanti the cougar that means frequent hosings. Not your typical scaredy cat when it comes to water, Shanti loves getting wet. As animal care technician Susan Inman picked up a hose Wednesday morning, the nearly 2-year-old cougar romped toward her, like a kid chasing the ice cream truck. Inman sprayed the sleek cat’s face, back and tail. Shanti followed the stream of water, rearing up on her back legs and batting it with her thick paw. “I wish my dogs were this good for a bath,”